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Feeling lazy ...
Its a Monday!!!
Its a 3 days weekend!!!
Its September!!!!
Good day People!!!
Still happily working!!
I am working now!!
Its shopping time!!


Feeling lazy ...
Written at Tuesday, September 14, 2010 | back to top

I slept late last night. Watching tv shows, munching nuts and iron my clothes.

Find it so hard to wake up this morning.

How I wish its Sat tomorrow.

I am feeling lazy today
Its a Monday!!!
Written at Monday, September 13, 2010 | back to top

Time flies and this is the 2nd week of September already.
Boy is going for his ICT these 2 weeks..I am missing him though he can book out everyday.

I will be attending 2 meetings with Mr C tomorrow.. sianz...

I am working hard everyday and victory will be mine!!!

Its a 3 days weekend!!!
Written at Thursday, September 9, 2010 | back to top

Weekend is starting tomorrow!!! I am happy because it is weekend but I will be even happier if boy won't quarrel with me during these 3 days before his ICT on Monday.
We quarrel last night inside the vehicle again. I was so upset that I almost breakdown.
Returning home with my eyes red and sore after that.
I really hope I was a flirt at times and not such a stupid emotional kid.
I hate myself so much at times.

Anyway, I am going to meet Miss Ky later for dinner and probably shopping.

Sometimes I feel that human beings are very weird.
I got so confused by them. Being a loner seems to be a better idea for me.

Written at Wednesday, September 8, 2010 | back to top

Good Afternoon people!!!
I am just back from lunch.
My mood today is:

Its September!!!!
Written at Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | back to top

It has been so long since I updated my blog.
September is the time to feel happy again. =)

Firstly, probation at work is over.
Secondly, I feel so happy earning my own $$ now. I need not depend on anyone now.
Thirdly, I am going to have a house under my name in 2015.

The last few months has been torturing for me as my heart is undergoing renovation.
I am too lazy to mention those things now.

Yesterday was my 1st time doing MTV shooting for my client.
Mr C was in-charge of the choreography of the staffs and I am there simply to learn the ropes.

I am going to BJ with LW later on ...
Good day People!!!
Written at Thursday, May 13, 2010 | back to top

Just came back from lunch not long ago. Luck is really down on me these week. I had wanted to get my mp3 yesterday evening but the item was out of stock. Bus 135 past off me when I was walking to the bustop. Today, I ordered chicken rice for lunch and to my disappointment, the chicken was only half cooked and I see blood clot in the bones. Alright, the only cooked stuffs was the rice and the chicken skin. I decided to ordered another plate of crispy noodles. Lunch today cost me $6.50.

I am going for my 1st meeting this week at 4pm with Mr C. Hope this meeting will be a pleasant one.

Think I got to do some cheering for myself. :D


Written at Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | back to top

It has been such a long time since I last blog. My friends were right, once work starts, I will have no time to blog.

My name card puts event executive, but to be honest, I am just a 'OL' doing cold-calls everyday. I managed to get 3 meetings and a few quotations last month. This is the second week of May and my luck of getting clients isn't very good. Haiz.

Do you pple remember who is Miss R??
She is another newly employed event executive. (same as me)
Some conversation between Miss R and me.
I was supposed to go with Mr S for a meeting at Tiong Bahru while Mr V meet us there.
Me : I wonder if Mr S drives very fast bcos e meeting is at 4pm and its already 3 plus now.
Her: He also drives very fast.
Me : How you know? You took a ride from him before?
Her: Yup. Not only once, many times.
Me : How come?
Her: Oh, because he gave me a ride home at times.
Many days before today, I has been wondering why Mr S are very close with Miss R. In the sense that, he would give her information of potential companies but he did not give me. So now I know what's the reason behind it. You guys know what is the weird thing about this issue?
I have never seen the 2 of them leaving the office together before. What does this show?

I still remembered there was 1 Friday when I felt really sick. I don't see Mr S offered to give me a lift home. However its alright as he got food poisoning on Monday. lolz!

Yesterday, Mr V send us a list of 60 potential companies.
So I ask her this.
Me : Do you want to call these companies or you want me to call or we split according to our alphabets?
Her: I call lo since I have finished calling companies in Tuas area.
Me : Okay.
I was wanting to tell her WTF! Initially, we agreed that I would call companies starting with the letters N-Z and she would call companies starting with the letter A-M. But now?
Don't understand why there are bitches everywhere I go.

There is 1 big company starting with the letter 'W' and she called them, next she got a meeting and etc. WTH! I seriously hate these kind of people.

Miss R is a christian and yet her character is so cunning and despicable so what's the point of visiting God every weekend? You can attend the service at church every weekend but if you have a bitchy character, does it makes a difference?

No point being a faithful believer in your religion, visiting God every weekend if you are a despicable and sinful person.